Five days into my holiday and the bins are yet to come out!

Tomorrow is the big day for Heather as she registers for college and moves into her room. After that it's three weeks intensive pre-season training for the soccer team. We've got all her stuff sorted out - bedding, stationary, books, phone, bank accoun and all the rest and so we've had a couple of half days exploring Chicago - a nice city on first impressions. The lakefront in rather splendid - some large amenity areas, gardens and the marina with the impressive Chicago skyine as a backdrop. The central area (The Loop) is dominated by the elevated train track that makes the streets a bit odd looking but easily accessible. A walk north over the river and you enter what Bernie and Heather would regard as Heaven - shopping on North Michigan! Will the credit card ever recover?
Not many birds around in the city as there are few suitable places for them to linger. American Robin around the campus whilst down at the Marina we had Barn Swallows and Rough-winged Swallows as well as Cardinals, Red-winged Blackbirds, Grackles and a few Black Duck and Mallard. The most unexpected bird was a Peregrine over Roosevelt flying amongst the tower blocks. Bernie is in shock that my bins are still in the bag!
The temperature is hotting up but thunderstorms are forecast for tomorrow so we'll have to get Heather into her room early! Then Tuesday, it's pick up hire car time and head north - and the optics can have their first outing (in fact they'll rarely be away as from tomorrow afternoon).


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