Cranberry Marsh and the Whitby Area

Being about 25 miles down the freeway, the area around Whitby is a good place to bird and one I return to regularly.
This morning I made an early-ish start at Thickson Woods and had lots of commoner birds - Northern Flicker (al least nine), Yellow Warbler, Downy Woodpecker, Northern Mockingbird - as well as a splendid male Baltimore Oriole.I searched in the woods for a while but nothing was stirring so I headed for Cranberry Marsh. Regular feeding meant that that some of the birds were quite tolerant of people, if not tame.Cardinals showed well as did a Rose-breasted Grosbeak, Chickadees and a few other birds. Overlooking the pool is somewhat difficult with the height of the bullrushes but I found a spot where I could see American Coots, Green Heron and two downy rail young (probablly Virginia Rails). An Osprey glided around in the distance over the main pool and a Chimney swift headed south. Great Northern Divers called from Lake Ontario ond lots of Double-crested Cormorants fished the bay. A Spotted Sandpiper did its impression of a lily-trotter.Finally I went to check Reesor Pond again. two close-ish Greater Yellowlegs and a Semi-P Sand were the only waders. There are currenty about 5-600 Mallard (and a few Black Ducks) loafing here as well as the four Great Egrets.The thunderstorms are coming back again so it's time to cool off!


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