And now in Canada

The drive from Michigan to Toronto was rather long but we managed to stop at several places en-route and they provided us with several nice birds. A stop just before Sault Ste Marie yielded Philidelphia Vireo as well as Brown Creeper and several more common birds.
We stopped off at a picnic site just before Bruces Mines in Ontario for lunch and were delighted when a flock of warblers pused through - Black and White, Myrtle, American Redstart and probable Pine Warbler. A pair of Bald Eagles over the road and numerous Turkey Vultures provided some interest and I finally got to grips with Eastern Phoebe.
After a stop off at Espanola for the night, we continued in the same vain. We stopped at a likely spot and immediately got several birds - Blackburnian, Chestnut-sided, Mourning Warblers as well as Indigo Bunting, Alder Flycatcher and Chipping, White-throated, Song, Swamp, Vesper and Lincoln's Sparrows.
A brief call in at Kelley Lake in Sudbury gave us another American White Pelican as well as lots of waterfowl - manly Mallard and Canada Goose but also Ring-necked Duck, Goldeneye and Bufflehead.


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