Atlasing in Girvan

Just taken a quick weekend break up to Girvan to do some atlas work – it’s certainly good to get into areas that you wouldn’t have thought to go birding and although I didn’t pick up anything particularly special, the weather was good and I had an enjoyable days birding. I decided to do some ‘Roving’ into areas I’d never driven as I’d noticed that there were absolutely no records for the 10km square just inland of the town. Just north of Pinmore, there was a lovely quiet valley with a stream that was constantly patrolled by Sand Martins (and perhaps explained where the ones I occasionally see in Girvan come from) and had several Common Sandpipers. There were plenty of common birds around and I think I’ll have to survey the area properly next year.

A little further on beneath the wind farm at Penwhapple I found a Spotted Flycatcher in a classic spot in a wooded glen. There must be more here so that’ll be another place to visit!

Sunday morning was again warm and sunny (unlike the rest of Britain which was getting a soaking) There wasn’t much happening out to sea; the odd Gannet fishing in front of the house and just four Oystercatchers on the beach, so it was gardening time. At least two Siskins regularly flew over the garden to a niger seed feeder further down the road. Methinks I’ll need to put something in the back garden to entice them in! At least Sparrows are not uncommon here but the larger gulls aren’t in evidence as much as they used to be.


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