Incessant Song Thrush

It's been a weekend of R&R - it's had to be because of our early morning alarm clock, namely a Song Thrush that sits right outside our bedroom window singing its head off at 3:30 in the morning until late! It has a rival about 6 houses up and so they're constantly singing.

There are plenty of migrants around. I can hear a Whitethroat in the distance (as the Song Thrush takes a breath!) as well as Willow Warbler and Blackcap. The Swifts have returned in reasonable numbers this year to Rishton and there seem to be good numbers of House Martins.
A couple of Ravens croaked gruffly as they flew west over the garden yesterday - my second garden record of this species.
There are a few good birds around at present - very tempting to go for the Laughing Gull but I'll wait until tomorrow - Blackpool on a sunny Bank Holiday should be avoided at all costs! Perhaps a trip over the border methinks.


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