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Loads of Geese

Today, after I'd had a very long sleep to oversome any jet-lag, I decided to take a trip out to the Fylde to have a look for some geese. there had been lots of Pink-foot movement and there were several other species in amongst them.
First call was around the Sand Villa area where I noticed a large flock on the inland side of the raod obscured by a hedgerow. I parked up and found a suitable raised vantage point to scan the flock - at least 3,500 pink-footed geese were actively feeding along with an odd white bird that has been reported to be a Ross's x Pink-foot hybrid. 49 Whopper Swans just behind the sea-wall were being repeatedly disturbed by a land-rover but there were no Bewicks with them.
I then paid a visit to Lane-ends - more geese out on the saltmarsh and an adult Peregrine sat on the edge. the tide was well out so there wasn't much else - a Little Egret flew towards Fluke Hall, my next stop. Here there was another large flock of pinkfeet but I couldn't see anyth…

Birding New Jersey with Bill

After another busy sight-seeing day, I got back to the hotel only to receive a message from Bill Elrick - a long time acquaintance going back to Compuserve days - to say that he was OK to go birding tomorrow! Bernie and Heather had plans so that left me free to sneak out at 5:30 to get a train from Penn Station (just at the end of the block where we were staying) into Secaucus Transfer in the Meadowlands of New Jersey (near the Giants stadium) - all of 9 minutes away on the other side of the Hudson. With some consternation, Bill eventually found the drop off point on this new interchange and we met in person for the first time. It was a very cold morning (well not by NJ winter standards I suppose) as we headed for the Great Swamp Wildlife Refuge - a flooded (and frozen) area of woodland and marsh which had a few unfrozen patches.At the first we cam across a large concentration of wildfowl - Canada Geese (including two small ones), Mallard and Black Duck were the most obvious with a su…

Birding Central Park

It's a while since I put anything on my blog. The weather at home hasn't been all that good and apart from the excellent Hawfinches at Stocks reservoir, I've been concentrating on more local birds and survey work.
Well not today - Bernie, Heather and I have taken a mini-break to New York where the weather is calm, crisp and cold. We did the touristy bit yesterday, taking the circle line cruise around Manhattan (an excellent trip) and as well as seeing all those fantaastic sights, managed to see a raft of Bufflehead including a lovely male as a few other bits and pieces. Today, I'd arranged to meet up with a friend from New Jersey, but unfortunately he couldn't make it so I headed for Central Park early on (with the girls planning a shop-til-you-drop session!). I entered Central Park from the Colubmus Circle and soon had an American Robin feeding on some berries - the only one I saw. Blue Jays were very much in evidence as were other common US birds such as Cardinals…