All sorts of goodies!

It's been rather a busy few weeks and so much so that I haven't been able to update the blog until now.
August 29th: I took half a day off work to spend some time with Bernie and do a bit of birding at the same time. A juvenile Black Stork that had eluded us on our visit to Durham earlier in the summer had taken up residence near York. As ever, I played this one quite cooly - had a nice pub lunch before seeking out the spot where it had been seen. It was a fine day and the bird had been seen to fly off high to the north-east :-( Was I to miss this bird again?
After several hours of seeing nothing but a Peregrine, Yellow Wagtail and Kingfisher, we decided that it must have gone - I'd not gone two paces when "It's there!" came the cry. .. and then it wasn't. A few minutes later it took off from eep cover and flew over the field and out of sight again and try as we might we just couldn't get an angle through the hedgerows to see the bird. After another hour we decided to head off - I'd just put the legs of my tripod down and it flew back! Eventually we got distant views of the bird as it furtively made its way along a ditch next to the wood and then it took off and flew west never to be seen again!
August 31st: Some good birds in the area following all the bad weather. A quick trip to Stoke with John and Bill for a lovely juvenile Sabines Gull on Wesport Lake - it was feeding actively and then sat on the edge of the lake with the local wildfowl but as luck would have it, I'd left my camera in the hall in my rush to leave! Then we decided to check the White-winged Black Tern at Crosby and sure enough it was floating around the Lake as they do.


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