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Definitely NOT a Pink Stink

Well it's been an eventful few days in the Lancashire birding scene. I was fortunate to get to see the Melodious Warbler at Jackhouse Reservoir last Friday before work - I was there early but not as early as some! At the time it was thought to be an Icterine because of the obvious wing panel but after some puzzling, the rest of the features pointed to Melodious. This bird had been singing for two weeks before the news got out and checking its song against recordings, it was definitely more like Melodious. Thereafter there was a lot of controversy as the bird was trapped, ringed and released never to be seen again!Fortunately, I was not there as we had a weekend in Girvan. The King Eider had long gone but I really enjoyed sitting in the living room looking out at Ailsa Craig and the fishing Gannets and Sandwich Terns. A Black Guillemot off shore was the first I'd seen there in over 15 years of visiting. Today we'd been fumigating Heather's room whilst she was away on Duk…

Atlas Work

An early start saw me wandering around the tetrad between Rishton and Great Harwood in search of breeding birds. It was a beautiful morning and a flock of 20 Swifts over Mill Lodge was a nice sight here. The Grebes had got two well grown young but there was only one adult present. A little further down and I was delighted to come across not one but a pair of Kingfishers as well as Sand Martins and Grey Wags on Hyndburn Brook. Having never ever seen more than one Kingfisher in a day, I was gobsmacked when a third appeared before me on the canal at Rishton!The feeders are still very busy with a female GSWoodpecker visiting regularly as well as the usual crowd of finches - there was one bit of heartache when a juv House Sparrow decided to fly into the bedroom window.

Garden Birds

After a busy week at work its really nice to sit in the garden and watch the birds come into the feeders - helps me relax. After a couple of weeks where the number of birds visiting the garden had dropped, this last week has been very busy, no doubt because there are youngsters to feed.This evening there was the usual crowd of Sparrows plus at least six different Greenfinches (no juvs yet), several Chaffinches and passing parties of Goldfinches. The Redpolls put in an appearance again - the male is one of the brightest I've ever seen, as did the Bullfinches (at least three) and an unexpected female Reed Bunting. The garden will be busy with juveniles pretty soon I think judging on the activity of the adult Great and Blue Tits.

Wilson's Phalarope

Another bird I hadn't seen in a while turned up very obligingly at Seaforth and stayed just long enough for me to twitch it! This male Wilson's Phalarope was definitely worth the trip as it fed relatively close to the hide (certainly a better view than the people standing at the Marine Lake. After that I headed to my sister's house in Orrell via Houghton Green Flash where the Black-necked Grebe was sat in the middle alongside a couple of Great-cresteds.