March 28th Brufut Woods

We decided that as it was Friday, we’d just have a morning’s birding at Brufut Woods in order to allow Tijan time to go to the mosque later in the day.

First call was to see two obliging White-faced Scops Owls right next to he track. The Verreaux’s Eagle Owls had not been seen for several months; we tried the regular places but to no avail. African Green pigeons fed in the top of one of the trees where they should have been. Then we were directed to a site where three Long-tailed Nightjars were roosting – first time I’ve ever seen any nightjar in daylight.
On to the hide overlooking the almost dry drinking pools and we picked up several more birds. Black-winged Red Bishops joined the Red Bishops and doves. We saw another Lanner falcon and a couple of Harrier Hawks. 
We noted several migrants – Willow Warbler, Chiffchaff and Blackcap as well as more Swallow-tailed Bee-eaters, Fork-tailed Drongos, Lesser Honeyguides, Sunbirds and Prinias. We came across a Black-winged Kite on the way back.

A quiet afternoon back at the hotel where the temperature was still very high produced a semi-obscured view of a female Fine-spotted Woodpecker, Bearded Barbet and Lesser Honeyguide as well as the usual crew.


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