The Elusive Ross's Gull

The news that the Ross's Gull had been refound on the Fylde was definitely very welcome but as I couldn't get out of work, I was getting rather twitchy! When it was reported as loitering around Granny's Bay at Lytham, I knew that I had to go. I still waited for home time (which is mercifully early on a Friday) and headed for the coast. 3/4 hour later, I was pulling up behind Maurice Jones's car as her was packing up - the bird had been really close but was now out on the channel. I made my way to the remaining birders including Bill and John but it wasn't showing. I was starting to get that horrible feeling!
However, after about an hour I caught a fleeting glimpse as it took flight from behind he bank that was concealing it and landed a few yards down river (and hiding again). I managed to get four flight views over the next half hour - glad it wasn't my first though I think my previous one many years ago at Seaforth was also rather distant.
Knowing that I'll be back in Lytham on Sunday (watching my daughter play football on the pitch that was just behind me!) I decided to head off and check Mythop Flood before heading back home and participation in the local Cricket Club quiz night. (Which we won, by the way).
At Mythop, I quickly found the Wood Sandpiper and Ruff that had been there for a few days and then picked up a Green Sandpiper. There was no sign of the Garganey but it was nice seeing a few Swallows and Sand Martins as they're still not around much at home.


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