Windy Glasgow

The weather has turned a little more inclement and family stuff has restriced the birding. I managed to get out to West Ferry and Balgray Reservoir but there was nothing unusual at either site - just very windy.

Today I got out in the morning to have a look at the Bean Geese near Slammanan - I found them OK but the rain was horizontal and I nearly got blown to Edinburgh! I eventually managed to find a track which afforded some shelter though still some considerable distance from the geese. However I was happy with th eviews of them (and a few pink-feet). Then it was off to Grangemouth to look for the Spotted Sandpiper - bad timing as the tide was out. Still lots of Redshank, a few Dunlin, one greenshank and two Scaup. I jacked it in as the next rain-shower threatened as I promised to go into Glasgow with the family.


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