Turnberry Point

Turnberry Lighthouse is just about the best place on this stretch of the Ayrshire coast for seabirds and, on a clear day, has some fantastic views. Yet another fine day meant a very crisp start - I checked Girvan harbour on the way and saw a female scaup with the usual crew. At Turnberry, the yellowhammers were singing (something I really miss in Lancashire now) as well as Chaffinches, Dunnocks and Wrens.
I parked the car and walked up the lighthouse road. As I reached the lighthouse (not a golfer in sight!) I was immediately drawn to a large blob on the sea - a lovely Great Northern Diver. this was accoumpanied by a few red-throats, red-breasted mergansers and goldeneye. A couple of Guillemots landed on the sea and a razorbill flew past.
Then I picked up some activity on the sea behind the divers - three Little auks whirred around!
A couple of Gannets passed overhead as did a few more guillemots and then a line of Puffins lead by another Little Auk flew south at about half a mile distance. A pod of at least eight porpoises moved south.

Later in the day we made our way up to Largs for a while and called in at Seamill on the way back. A Black Redstart had been seen here and I found another birder who'd just picked it up. This bird performed nicely and was extremely active in the area. I then tried for the Green-winged Teal that had been seen a little further down the coast. I wasn't all that hopeful because of the light but as I made my way out onto the rocks I could see the ducks either side of me. There were plenty of waders around the rock pools including a greenshank but it took half an hour before a group of teal emerged from an inlet. With the sun from the side i could see the birds perfectly and sure enough, a male green-winged Teal came into view. A splendid end to a fantastic day.

The following day we were heading to Glasgow so I nipped down to Lendalfoot again - a few RT divers, 2 BT divers and a single GN Diver fished the bay. Again there were no unusual gulls. Later that day, having dropped everyone off in Glasgow, I made my way to Strathclyde Loch for the gull roost. Loads of gulls including good numbers of Lesser Black-backed were searched until a first winter Glaucous appeared close by in the increasing drizzle and gloom. More gulls arrived some distance away but no more white-winged gulls were seen. I then spent a lovely hour on the M8 (sic).


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