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Time for a quick Leach's

On what was to be a footballing weekend, I managed to do two local twitches. I'd been in Preston on Saturday morning to watch my daughter play for Blackburn Rovers U16's (and win) and on the way back looked longingly across to Brockholes Quarry as we passed by on the M6. No sooner had we got home than I got a message that the Great White Pelican had returned after a six week absence not 10 minutes after we'd passed by. Though the provenance of this bird is a bit suspect, I had to go and have a look and what a splendid bird it was.

On the Sunday, we were playing a game in Bury, leaving at 9am. Bill texted me at 8:15 about a Leach's Petrel at Rishton Reservoir. A mad dash for my stuff and 5 minutes later I was walking down Cut Lane wondering what state it would be in. John Metcalf, who'd found the bird, greeted me and took me to see it. He'd collected it from the water and placed the bird in a tussock of grass for safety. Bill, John and Barry arrived to see it bef…

Ibis at Brockholes

On what's turned out to be a very pleasant weekend, I've managed to catch up with a few local goodies. On Saturday, the morning was spent in the garden generally tidying up with the autumnal movement of birds very much in evidence - it was nice to have a Skylark over the house, whilst a large female Sparrowhawk surveyed the feeder area from on top of the shed.
A trip to our firend in Kendal in the afternoon was punctuated by a call off at Pine Lake for the Lesser Scaup - this took a while to find. A surprise to me was a female Ferruginous Duck in amongst the Tufties - I subsequently found out it had been there for some time and was considered an escape.
On Sunday morning a message came through on my phone - Glossy Ibis at Brockholes Quarry but flown off. A few moments later I found out that it was still in the area so a rush down to the quarrywas called for. Much to my delight, it was sat on the main pool when I arrived - I can contently go and watch Rovers play Wigan this-after…