Train from Puno to Cusco

We spent our last full day in Puno at a Hacienda where we wandered the grounds, walked through a Cactus forest, rode horses out onto the marsh at the edge of Lake Titicaca and had a most stupendous lunch. Riding over the rail tracks was a bit hairy but we managed it without trampling on the Andean Lapwings, Flickers and flocks of finches.

The next day we travelled first Class on the Orient Express from Puno to Cuzco. "Express" isn´t the word I would use as it took 10 hours through some fantastic scenery and though I wasn´t expecting any birds, some Andean Ibis were most unexpected.

I´ve worked out that we´ve seen 117 species so far with 104 lifers. Not bad for the "non-birding" bit.

Our arrival in the dark at Cuzco was followed by a Colin McRae taxi drive to Ollantaytambo (virtually an internet desert).


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